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Are you interested in research and innovation but are uncertain how to promptly and affordably publish your research findings? Do you appreciate the exchange with specialists in your field or feedback from scientists of other disciplines to see the bigger picture? Are you at home in the scientific community and want to share as much as possible with others?Then welcome to Heidelberg Academic Press, your partner for online scientific publication.



Ravens represent the pinnacle of avian intelligence

The ravens Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) are the ambassadors of Heidelberg Academic Press.

In accordance with the legend, Odin - father of the Nordic mythology gods – sent his ravens to explore the world every morning at dawn. Distinctive curiosity, coupled with a healthy dose of caution, motivates the ravens to explore their environment and bring their findings back to Odin.

The ravens impressive cognitive performance represents the spirit of Heidelberg Academic Press. Ravens are considered as intelligent as dolphins and apes; they recognize each other individually and understand numbers. Their capacity to learn and swift comprehension enable them to gain insight into relationships, solve problems and respond flexibly. They cooperate in a covey; some of them develop individual techniques, like tool manufacturing, that are observed and passed on in their environment.